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Team leader for marine surveys

Interested in leading a dynamic team of surveyors, scientists and engineers to support our marine survey work? If you are keen to explore the ocean and coastal waters, have a drive to be operational manager for our marine survey team as well as selling new projects, meeting clients and communicating exciting findings, this job may be for you!
28. februar 2019
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1. april 2019
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At DHI in Hørsholm, Denmark, we are seeking to employ a team leader for our marine survey group currently consisting of 10+ experienced academics and technicians. The team leader is responsible for the day-to-day operations and planning of DHI survey activities, which currently include:

  • Deployment and operation of hydrographic monitoring buoys
  • Field surveys including sea bed mapping of flora and fauna, geotechnical, bathymetric and coastal topographic surveys
  • Operation of survey boats, ROV´s and drones for monitoring purpose
  • Development of digital services

The survey group clients are:

  • Offshore windfarms
  • Infrastructure developers such as Femern A/S, Norwegian Road Directorate, WSA Kiel (responsible for operating the Northsea channel)
  • Dredging companies and marine infrastructure industry
  • Other departments in DHI

The survey group operates worldwide, but most activities are currently concentrated to North European and Scandinavian waters.
DHI is a world leading and independent not for profit research and consultancy organization where objectives are to build competence and promote technological development in areas relevant to water, environment and health in the fields of ecology and aquaculture, water resources, hydraulic engineering, coastal and estuarine morphology and hydrodynamics as well as other related fields. More about DHI can be found at www.dhigroup.com

Responsibilities and challenges
Our clients require a very high level of service and readiness and have high expectations to data quality and its accessibility. Many of our client operations depend on access to live data provided by the survey group. Any disturbance in our deliverables have costly consequences for our clients and close liaison with clients is necessary. It is the responsibility of the team leader to monitor that our commitments towards our clients are fulfilled in a professional and timely manner.
Survey activities are by nature very dependent on weather, so planning and execution of activities are dynamic and sometime entail long working days. It is the team leader’s responsibility, in dialog with the survey group, to plan and prioritize staffing and the use of resources in form of ships/boats, instruments, cars etc. for the ongoing projects. It is expected that the team leader participates in all aspects of survey activities when needed.
Survey activities requires a high degree of safety awareness and training, compliant with the latest STCW standards. Our ship and boats and other marine safety equipment is certified and regularly inspected by the Danish Maritime Authority. It is the responsibility of the team leader to ensure that the staff holds and maintain all necessary health and safety certificates and our ships, boats and maritime safety equipment is well maintained and are compliant with maritime safety standards.

The team leader shall provide input to the department strategy, participate in business development, proposal writing and project management, which requires that the team leader has a talent for project management.

The team leader shall push new services and continue developing our online data farming services. The team leader shall also lead the survey group, so it is up to date with the latest technical developments within survey and monitoring techniques and is operating in accordance with DHI’s general business model and strategy.

Skilled surveyors with experience within coastal surveys and monitoring are hard to find, so the survey group must train new staff members on the job, which is challenging in the very dynamic day to day operations. It is the team leader’s task to ensure that recruitment, training and motivation of new members of the staff is performed.

The survey group owns and maintain a large pool of instruments and equipment, which is rented out to the various projects. It is the responsibility of the survey group to maintain and develop this asset with a close eye on profit as it represents a large investment for DHI. Monitoring the development in the instrument pool and economy is team leader’s responsibility.

The team leader refers to the Head of Department in the Coastal and Estuarine Department which also is ultimately responsible for the survey staff.

Qualifications (as many of the following)

  • In-depth knowledge and experience within marine survey and monitoring techniques and/or marine operations in general.
  • Skills in managing people and equipment resources in a very operational and dynamic day-to-day environment
  • Fluent in English writing and speaking, preferable also capable in Danish and / or other North European languages.
  • Able to obtain and maintain STCW certificates (sea rescue, first aid, etc.)
  • Experiences with project management, budgeting and liaison with clients.
  • Some sort of navigator / seaman certificate will be highly appreciated

Personal skills

  • Robust and self-motivated and able to work on your own and in a team
  • Be able to lead and motivate other people to do their best often under difficult and potential dangerous conditions.
  • Be able to delegate responsibilities to other members of the survey team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Be able to work with people with different ethnic, cultural and educational background

We offer

  • A working environment in a flexible, informal and international atmosphere and highly professional and motivated colleagues
  • An attractive compensation package matching your competencies and responsibilities
  • Possibility of travelling and outdoor work on the sea.

Office location
Location of employment will be DHI Denmark in Hørsholm, however you are expected to travel and work at locations all over Europe and beyond for time limited periods.


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Application / next step 
For further information please contact Dr. Nicholas Grunnet, Head of Department for Coastal and Estuarine Dynamics, DHI Denmark, email: ngr@dhigroup.com, Tel: +45 45 16 95 54 .
Please submit your application including CV via the button below.
Deadline for application is 28th February 2019.

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