Robot technology used to weld up damages on a wind turbine

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Our laser cladding equipment has just been used for a repair for the nacelle of a wind turbine, when we welded up a crack on the base frame of this system.

As for all our welding jobs the welding procedure was approved by Force Technology before proceeding the repair.  For this damage we used Inconel 625 powder to weld up this damage followed by a Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI test) to make sure the welding is 100%. correct.

Using laser cladding you make sure the binding is 100% to the base material. Further the heat input compared to regular welding is only 1/10. For minor damages this means that we can leave out the post heat treatment for stress lease. However, in this case heat treatment was carried out.

Next repair step is machining and reassembling, before the wind turbine is ready to go up into the air again.
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